Listen Again

Student FAQ

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  • What is Listen Again?

  • Do I have to pay for the Listen Again service?

  • Will my lectures be recorded?

  • What can I replay Listen Again lectures on?

  • How do I access the Listen Again service?

  • Can I subscribe to my lectures like I can with iTunes?

  • Can I upload Listen Again recordings to the Internet (YouTube, etc.)?

  • When will lectures be available on Listen Again?

  • I can’t find any of my lectures on Listen Again – what should I do?

  • Why are there no pictures to the recording?

  • Why do the recordings stop at 50 minutes?

  • One of the recordings is really quiet

  • One of the recordings is restricted

  • One of the recordings is unavailable due to a technical problem

  • What should I do if I don’t want to be recorded?

  • Are tests or examinations recorded?

  • Does this mean I can miss lectures?